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DAMEN’s company gala dinner - Castle in Duino 8th June 2017

Duino Aurisina (TS)

An event of international importance, 150 guests of the industrial nautical field arriving from all over the world for the gala dinner organized by DAMEN and dated 8th of June, in the fantastic frame of the Castle of Duino built on these companies’ symbol: the Sea. The attention and the planning of each single detail were the central idea of this event that tested GP Eventi and its staff of professionals, from the architectural lighting service of the outdoor to the projection of the company logos during the evening, to the audio service. The live music was entrusted to the Musique Boutique Band and the DJ set had been directly signed by Gerry Paredes; lastly an elegant Open-Bar Service was the pride of this important event.
- Special Thanks Photo Ranieri Furlan -