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SILVIA 22/02/2019

I think it's impossible to find the right words describing what Gerry permit you to live thanks to emotions.

Emotions that last inside forever, because if the guests have fun, the credit goes to the professionals who work behind the scenes. Having a little knowledge of events and shows’ field, I decided to entrust myself to real professionals for my party of 30 years old; therefore I contacted Gerry because I really desire his way to create the atmosphere of that evening, knowing that music and lighting would have been perfect. And what about to say? It was beyond each kind of expectation, beyond each level you can wish; it seemed the better of the better and still now, several days later, it’s difficult to believe how the party was a success, and I know this is THANKS to GERRY and his lovely assistant Andrea (always smiling and polite)!!! I recommend him without doubts, and you will be really astonished. Gerry is forward light years!!! THANK YOU