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On Saturday 15th June 2019 Silvia and I celebrated our wedding. We entrusted to Gerry and his GP Eventi everything about the entertainment. I start listing the various services offered, from the Dj set, to the places’ personalized lighting, to the children’s entertainment, to the open bar service. If required, he supplies the music for the church too, proposing real professionals as music masters and singers. All guests were enthusiastic!!! Gerry proves his passion and puts his heart in everything he does. The Dj set on Saturday made us jump and dance for several hours non-stop, our friends got really excited thanks to music tracks played! The open bar service was another step towards the perfection. The barman served 90 persons with no problems, making cocktails as in a production line. 80 cocktails in 45 minutes are a lot for a single man, therefore I’m absolutely satisfied!!! Besides the quality of the drinks was very high. Regarding the lighting, Gerry and his staff made the rooms as in a fairy tale, with a suffused blue touch for the lunch and a rain of lights for the cake’s cut. The portico dedicated to the dance seemed like a discotheque! I must thank Gerry and all his staff because they made our day as perfect. Seeing all our friend go away tired but with a smile on their face that I’ll never forget, it’s really wonderful. Vote: 10.